Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan (ATOMKRAFT, ex-VENOM) (9/26/03)

He was the main man behind ATOMKRAFT in 80's and also sang for VENOM from 1989 to 1993. After that, it seemed nothing had been heard from him. But,,,

What was the reason for you guys to reunite ATOMKRAFT?

I have been running a studio with my brother-in-law's for some time now here in London and have been doing very varied types of music for advertising, film and commercial release. I always wanted to do an ATOMKRAFT album on my terms. We always were restricted back then by budget and a really shit Neat production so I just felt that with the ATOMKRAFT anthology coming out next year I could do some new recordings and do them properly. Atomisedthe last ATOMKRAFT album we recorded as demos was never released so at last I get to do that, albeit in a different type of way!

When can we expect the new album and what will it be?

The new album will be out early 2004 (Feb/March) and will be a Thrash album as true to the ATOMKRAFT spirit as I can make it! Complex riffing and hopefully exciting material!

Is there any ATOMKRAFT-tour planned?

We will be doing some dates next year. Festival's I believe at the moment. As I am also comitted to some film work and touring as bassist with the new MANTAS project.

You have been also recording the MANTAS solo album as a bass player, what will it be?

The MANTAS album will be called Zero Toleranceand will be very heavy. A little like SLIPKNOT and some SEPULTURA. It's pretty cool stuff and the coverwork is looking great! There are 5 of us in the band MANTAS of course including Mantas on guitar and myself on Bass.

What was the highlight of ATOMKRAFT in 80's?

The highlight????? I think the Polish shows in 1988. The Spodek in particular, 25,000 people, amazing! Infact that whole tour with NASTY SAVAGE, we were on fire and the crowds went with us! I also love the Dynamo show we did in 1987 with TESTAMENT, DESTRUCTION etc.! 5,000 people and the first year in the Dynamo carpark!!
Also my biggest thrill was opening for SLAYER on their first and only (at the time) UK show. I was and am, a huge SLAYER fan!!!! That was at London's Marquee in 1985.
Touring with EXODUS in 1985 was also great. They were fucking brilliant!! God bless Paul Balloff's memory!

Tell me about U.K. thrash scene back then?

The UK scene back then was very much alive! ONSLAUGHT we played with, SLAMMER, MAX PENALTY, TORANAGA, to name but a few. Then there were bands later like, ACID REIGN, SABBAT, XENTRIX and the list goes on! Some great bands off the back of the NWOBHM, no doubt influenced by bands like RAVEN and ANGEL WITCH and of course MOTORHEAD!
It was very healthy and bands weren't afraid to try something new. Thrash was just a baby and the English were trailing the Americans who had more resources and money and were constantly touring. Money and labels in the UK were very tight with money and you just couldn't afford to tour too often. There was no money for recording and no royalties either. The bands forged on though and created a great home scene vibe I think?

(You must've been asked many times but) How did you join VENOM?

When we returned from our last tour in 1988, I was approached by Abaddon an told that Cronos had left VENOM for America. He said they had a new record deal and needed a replacement who could match up to him. They thought I'd be the very man and that I could do the job with my eyes shut! I said I'd join on one condition that Mantas returned as I felt that without Cronos and Mantas there was no Venom. Jeff (MANTAS) came in to work with me and that was that. I had already written 4 tracks for Prime Evilby the time Mantas joined us.

Who named Demolition Man and why?

My original ATOMKRAFT guitarist, Steve White dubbed me 'The Demolition Man' after a destroyed everything onstage at a show (and I mean everything onstage!) out of anger!!!

How did you feel being a member of VENOM?

I felt very honoured to be in VENOM. Then I realised why Cronos had left and in the end was glad to do the same

What's your favorite VENOM song?

My favorite Venom song???? Mmmmm that's hard!!! I think "Lady Lust", then "Sons of Satan" and of course, "In Leauge with Satan".

Where have you been after leaving VENOM?

After leaving VENOM I've been living in London and running my studio and also acting. I am always doing some music project or other. I have also been working very hard setting up a music company so that I could release all the old ATOMKRAFT material on CD at last!

You told me that you are awaiting the release of the movie called "Master and Commander"(20th Century Fox), what was the reason for you to play a role in the movie and what kind of a movie will it be?

"Master and Commander" is my latest movie. I was chosen by the director, Peter Weir ("Truman Show", "Witness", "Gallipoli" etc.) It is made by 20th Century Fox and stars Russell Crowe and Billy Boyd ("Lord of the Rings"). I play the ships Master carpenter called Mr.Lamb.
The movie is set in the early 1800's and we are the Royal Navy chasing a French friggate (gunship) around south America and into the Pacific. Two ships, a lot of sea and lot's of blood, guns, cannons, swords, etc. It is based on a series of books by a writer called Patrick O'Brian. The effects look amazing. It's not a pirate film like "Pirates of the Carribean". It's much more serious and real than that. They're talking Oscar nominations already for the movie so fingers crossed!! You can find out more about the movie and read about my character at Maximum Crowe. Or The official trailer site, just type in "Master and Commander" in your search box!

Who will be on the film?

Russell Crowe, Paul Betanny ("A knights Tale"), Billy Boyd ("Lord of the Rings"), Tony Dolan (ATOMKRAFT/VENOM) and about 17 others. Some new actors too!

By the way, from the bass players point of view, who is your favorite bass player?

Favorite bassist??? Mmmm another hard one! Geddy Lee (RUSH), Geezer Butler (BLACK SABBATH), Biily Sheehan (Everybod!) and John Gallagher (RAVEN).

How long have you been playing?

About 26/27yrs!

What about singer?

Favorite singer??? Tom, SLAYER (not really a singer I know!) James (METALLICA).

What does HM mean to you?

HM means a release, escape, it means you can express whatever you want to say and someone is listening. HM is freedom and makes you feel alive! The louder and faster the better, the slower and heavier the better. It's just all great!! It gave me life!

What is your slogan for life?

Live long, be truthfull to yourself and others. Go for your dreams and don't listen to anyone else! Don't take no shit! Trust no-one as far as business goes, everyone is out for themselves! Enjoy every moment of living coz it ain't for long!!!!

Any U.K. thrash acts you like these days?

Yeah I liked PITCHSHIFTER but I don't know if they're really thrash? More that Nu Metal stuff really! Oh I like ATOMKRAFT (Did I mention that? Sorry!)

Any funny stories to tell?

I can't think of anything really funny to tell????? Ahh, well when ATOMKRAFT did their first European tour with young guitarist Rob Redhead, his mother told me how many pairs of underwear she had packed for him for the tour and asked me to make sure he changed his underwear regularly and washed his dirty ones. She asked me this as we were boarding the tour bus with Exodus and the road crew!!! I thought that was funny infact it's making me smile now!!!!

Thanks a lot for an interview. Keep the great work and thrash on!!

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